Dairy Prod. Servs., Inc. v. City of Wellsville

In Dairy Prod. Servs., Inc. v. City of Wellsville, 13 P.3d 581, 596 (Utah 2000), the appellate court noted that the minutes reflected the substance of the discussion, including a summary of the testimony of the witnesses. Id. Since the minutes contained a complete rendition of the proceedings, as well as the decision and order of the city council from which the district court was able to ascertain the facts of the proceedings, the appellate court held that the record was adequate. Id. The Court held that notice of a city's decision to not renew a business license was adequate when the city complied with notification procedures that it had adopted by ordinance. In that case, the ordinance outlining notification requirements specified that the city was required to inform the business that its license was in jeopardy and that it was entitled to have the presence of counsel and to provide evidence in its defense at a public hearing. Id. at P 50. The Court concluded that the notice provided pursuant to the ordinance "reasonably informed the business, in a timely fashion . . . . It also afforded the business the opportunity to present any evidence or objections." Id. Because the notification procedure outlined in the ordinance was reasonable and allowed an opportunity for objection, we held that mere satisfaction of the ordinance's requirements met due process standards. Id.