In re Porter

In In re Porter, 31 P.3d 519, 521 (Utah 2001), in which the court reversed the district court's denial of the petitioner's request to change his name to Santa Claus, the court noted that name change statutes "merely provide a codified process to aid an individual's common law right to adopt another name at will." Id. And the court emphasized that, "consequently, applications under the statute should be encouraged and should generally be granted unless sought for a wrongful or fraudulent purpose." Id. The Utah Supreme Court was not persuaded that there was factual support for the district court's assertions that the name of Santa Claus would cause confusion or "allow for substantial mischief" or persuaded that it "could cause a substantial chilling effect for persons otherwise entitled to exercise access to the courts but who would be hesitant to sue Santa Claus." Id. at 521-22.