Jensen v. Intermountain Power Agency

In Jensen v. Intermountain Power Agency, 1999 UT 10, 977 P.2d 474, the Court stated that "'the object of a notice of appeal is to advise the opposite party that an appeal has been taken from a specific judgment in a particular case. In Jensen, the Court held that the appellant failed to preserve issues on appeal relating to a partial summary judgment when none of the dates recited in the notice in any way related to the partial summary judgment and the appellee was unduly prejudiced by the oversight. In Jensen, the appellee was prejudiced by the appellant's failure to properly describe the appeal because the appellee elected not to proceed with cross appeals against third party defendants when the appellant failed to raise issues relating to partial summary judgment. Id. However, the Court has long adhered to the policy that where the notice of appeal sufficiently identifies the final judgment at issue and the opposing party is not prejudiced, the notice of appeal is to be liberally construed. See id.