Pullan ex rel. Pullan v. Steinmetz

In Pullan ex rel. Pullan v. Steinmetz, 2000 UT 103, 16 P.3d 1245, the Court declined to adopt the standards of liability contained in section 518, but noted that even under those standards, the plaintiff would have failed because she did not provide any evidence to demonstrate that the harm was foreseeable. Pullan involved injury to a twelve-year-old child who was bitten by a horse while hand feeding it in its stable. Id. The child was not a member of the association that maintained the horse stables, but accompanied a friend who was a member and had access to the stables. Id. The Court held that the defendants were not negligent in failing to prevent the harm to the child because they did not know or have reason to know that children who were not members of the association were entering the stables and hand feeding the horses without permission. Id.