Bruntaeger v. Zeller

In Bruntaeger v. Zeller, 147 Vt. 247, 515 A.2d 123 (Vt. 1986), Bruntaeger purchased a fur coat from Zeller at his temporary business location in a motel. See 515 A.2d at 124. When the coat appeared to be defective, among other complaints, Bruntaeger alleged that the sale of the coat was a "home solicitation" and, therefore, under the State of Vermont statute, she was entitled to a written notice of her cancellation rights. See id. The applicable Vermont statute defined a "home solicitation" sale as one solicited or consummated by a seller at the residence of the buyer or at a seller's transient quarters, which includes a motel room. See 515 A.2d at 125. It is quite clear that the statute included any place utilized as a temporary business location. See id. The resolution of that issue under the evidence presented was determinative of the appeal.