Fenoff v. Fenoff

In Fenoff v. Fenoff, 154 Vt. 450, 578 A.2d 119 (1990), father and son had not visited with one another for three years, in part because son had refused to participate in visitation. Id. at 451, 578 A.2d at 120. Son had professed a hatred of his father and harbored a deep animosity toward him; the trial court also found that he was experiencing deep pain over his parents' divorce. 154 Vt. at 451-52, 578 A.2d at 120. Furthermore, when father had attempted to visit son at mother's home, she had refused to let him in. Id. The court constructed an order that allowed for a gradual reestablishment of the parent-child relationship in a safe, therapeutic setting - ordering counseling for both son and father, and allowing the counselor to determine when son was ready for contact with father. Id. at 452, 578 A.2d at 120.