In re B.F

In In re B.F., 157 Vt. 67, 595 A.2d 280 (1991), SRS appealed from a juvenile court protective order restraining SRS from transporting B.F. to court in restraints. After "conducting the inquiry required by 5534(2)," the trial court concluded that the use of chains and restraints was harmful to the child's self-esteem and would tend to defeat the execution of any therapeutic disposition to be made. B.F., 157 Vt. at 69, 595 A.2d at 281. The Court vacated the order because B.F. had not shown that the manner of transport tended to defeat the execution of the disposition order. Id. at 71, 595 A.2d at 282. Accordingly, he had not satisfied the second prong of 5534(2) as required for a protective order.