In re J.S

In In re J.S., 153 Vt. 365, 571 A.2d 658 (1989) a juvenile in SRS custody moved - under 33 V.S.A. 661(2), the predecessor to 33 V.S.A. 5534 - for a protective order to prevent his placement at a residential treatment facility in Burlington. J.S. claimed that there had been a series of incidents of sexual abuse at the facility, which the staff had failed to report properly to SRS. Consequently, J.S. concluded that placement at the facility put him at risk of sexual abuse. The trial court denied the motion, and the Court affirmed that decision because the record showed that SRS had thoroughly investigated the facility, which had consequently implemented remedial controls. J.S., 153 Vt. at 371, 571 A.2d at 662. Accordingly, the Court concluded that the placement would not increase the danger of abuse, and that "J.S. failed to establish that the proposed placement would be to his harm or detriment." Id.