Morrisville Lumber Co. v. Okcuoglu

In Morrisville Lumber Co. v. Okcuoglu, 148 Vt. 180, 531 A.2d 887 (1987), the plaintiff subcontractor supplied lumber to a general contractor who was building a vacation home for the defendant owner. After the owner terminated the general because of a contract dispute, the plaintiff sued the general to recover for the materials and supplies it had provided before the general was terminated, and the plaintiff won a judgment by default. When plaintiff's judgment against the general was not satisfied, the plaintiff looked to the owner for recovery. Id. at 182, 531 A.2d at 888. The Court in Morrisville denied the plaintiff's unjust enrichment claim because the defendant owner had already fully paid the general contractor for the all the benefits the owner had received. Id. at 184, 531 A.2d at 889.