Santi v. Roxbury Town School District

In Santi v. Roxbury Town School District, 165 Vt. 476, 476, 685 A.2d 301, 301 (1996), the Court held that town voters were not entitled to a new reconsideration vote on the 1995-96 school budget under 16 V.S.A. 711e, which sets forth the procedure for when a school district elects to have its budget determined by Australian ballot. In denying the voters' request and holding that 17 V.S.A. 2661(c) 2 prevented further revotes without approval of the legislative body of the district, this Court recognized the necessary tension between "the democratic principles supported by allowing reconsideration and the need for finality if the district is to deliver the educational services upon which its families depend." Id. at 480, 685 A.2d at 304. The Court described a school district as a "living organism that must open and run its schools irrespective of the fiscal indecision of its electorate." Id. at 481, 685 A.2d at 304.