State v. Record

In State v. Record, 150 Vt. 84, 548 A.2d 422 (1988), was a case which involved a challenge to the constitutionality of DUI roadblocks. In Record, the Court held that DUI roadblocks are constitutionally permissible when the police conduct those roadblocks pursuant to detailed guidelines designed to ensure stops that are not unduly intrusive and do not arbitrarily single out drivers. Id. at 86, 584 A.2d at 424-26. The Court did not require police to engage in formal rule making to legitimate the establishment of roadblocks. The Court held that to protect the public's constitutional rights to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, roadblocks are permissible only when police follow a detailed set of standards ensuring stops are not unduly intrusive and drivers are not singled out arbitrarily. Id. at 90, 548 A.2d at 426.