Wilde v. Town of Norwich

In Wilde v. Town of Norwich, 152 Vt. 327, 566 A.2d 656 (1989), the taxpayer offered proof of a recent sale for a value considerably less than the town's assessed value. See id. The only evidence offered by the town regarding the value was the town's appraisal, the fact that the property had been for sale for some time, and the owner was "anxious to sell." See id. This evidence was insufficient to satisfy the town's burden in discrediting the sale price as fair market value. See id. at 330, 566 A.2d at 657. The Court therefore upheld the decision granting summary judgment to the taxpayer and establishing the sale price as the fair market value, stating that the sale price "is strong, if not conclusive, evidence of fair market value." Id. at 329, 566 A.2d at 657.