Recusal of Superior Court Judges in the Virgin Islands

In the Virgin Islands, section 284 of title 4 establishes the substantive standard for recusal of Superior Court judges, and it provides, in pertinent part, that "[n]o judge ... shall sit or act as such in any action or proceeding ... [w]hen it is made to appear probable that, by reason of bias or prejudice of such judge, a fair and impartial trial cannot be had before him." 4 V.I.C. 284(4). "Section 286 of title 4 controls the procedure by which a complaining party may bring a motion for recusal and requires (1) that the motion be in writing and (2) that the motion be made first before the judge that the party seeks to disqualify." Benjamin v. AIG Ins. Co. of P.R., 56 V.I. 558, 569 (V.I. 2012) (citing 4 V.I.C. 286).