Todman v. People

In Todman v. People, 59 V.I. 675, 683 (V.I. 2013), the Court reversed a conviction based on an error in the People's charging of aiding and abetting, in an inartfully drafted information, and the final jury instruction given by the trial court. The Court reversed the conviction in Todman because although the People presented their case to the jury as if Todman was the sole actor, the People charged Todman only as an aider and abettor, and the trial court specifically instructed the jurors that they must find that Todman aided and abetted someone in order to convict him. Id. at 682-83. In that case, the trial court specifically instructed that the jury must find that the offenses were committed by another, and the defendant aided and abetted that person, id. at 685.