Parents Access To Children's Medical Records In Virginia

In L.C.S. v. S.A.S., 19 Va. App. 709, 724, 453 S.E.2d 580, 588 (1995), the Court affirmed a trial judge's decision to deny a father access to his child's medical records where the child believed that "'he was sexually abused and hurt by his father,'" and was frightened that his father might later harm him. 19 Va. App. at 723, 453 S.E.2d at 588. In that case, the trial judge relied on the testimony of the child's therapist, who testified that "disclosure of the child's psychological records would adversely affect the child's recovery because the therapist would feel compelled to tell him of the required disclosure." Id. at 724, 453 S.E.2d at 588.