Pugliese v. Commonwealth

In Pugliese v. Commonwealth, 16 Va. App. 82, 428 S.E.2d 16 (1993), Davis shot and killed Beckmann in a van while the defendant was present. Prior to the shooting, the defendant knew Davis planned to cheat Beckmann out of some money, but contended he had no prior knowledge of Davis' intent to shoot Beckmann. See 16 Va. App. at 86, 428 S.E.2d at 20. In the van, Davis told the defendant he was going to shoot Beckmann. See id. The defendant remained in the van while Davis disposed of Beckmann's body. See id. Later, the defendant received part of Beckmann's money and assisted Davis in disposing of the van. See 16 Va. App. at 86-87, 428 S.E.2d at 20-21. The Court found that the defendant countenanced and lent his support to the commission of the murder and robbery by accompanying the perpetrator of the crime knowing of his announced intention to commit the crimes.