Talley v. Goodwin Bros. Lumber Co

In Talley v. Goodwin Bros. Lumber Co., 224 Va. 48, 52, 294 S.E.2d 818, 820 (1982), the doctor specifically reported that "Talley cannot return to his old job" and noted that he "would not want his hand with the finger sticking out near any machinery, or in work that would involve carrying objects of over ten pounds with both hands, pushing, pulling, or climbing." Id. at 51, 294 S.E.2d at 820. The Court stated generally that "prior medical approval is required" to demonstrate an offer of selective employment, but created an exception "where the attending physician has specified the limitations in detail and it is obvious that the proffered job fits these limitations." Id. at 52, 294 S.E.2d at 820-21.