Challenge to Initiative 601 Washington State

In Walker v. Munro, 124 Wn.2d 402, 879 P.2d 920 (1994), the Court considered a challenge to Initiative 601, which set limits on all future enactments relating to spending, taxation, and fees. The Court decided the petitioner's article II, section 37, claim was not justiciable because the petition merely cited hundreds of fee statutes, making a generalized assertion that all of these statutes were amended by the legislative approval provision. Walker, 124 Wn.2d at 420. The Court noted that petitioners made no argument as to "whether each one has, in fact, been amended," holding: "We certainly will not, on our own, analyze each and every statute referred to by the Petitioners to determine whether section 8 has improperly amended the statute. That task is for the Petitioners to undertake." Id.