Chlopeck Fish Co. v. City of Seattle

In Chlopeck Fish Co. v. City of Seattle, 64 Wash. 315, 117 P. 232, 237 (Wash. 1911), appellants sought to prevent the construction of a gridiron wharf by the City of Seattle. The city plat identified the area where the wharf was to be constructed as a "city slip." The words "city slip" were also placed with the words "Vine Street". The court stated: "Where streets terminating or fronting on navigable waters have been established, whether by condemnation or dedication, and whether the fee is in the municipality or in the adjoining proprietor, the municipality, under legislative authority to establish and regulate wharves, may cause public wharves to be constructed at the ends or in front of such streets and receive the wharfage from the same; and this is no invasion of the rights of the owner of private property abutting on such streets, or of the rights of the adjoining riparian proprietor." (Id. at 237-38.)