Farmers Insurance Co. of Washington v. Miller

In Farmers Insurance Co. of Washington v. Miller, 87 Wn.2d 70, 549 P.2d 9 (Wash. 1976), the Court held that the Washington UM statute, which it had applied in Touchette v. Northwestern Mutual Insurance Co., 80 Wn.2d 327, 494 P.2d 479 (Wash. 1979), to invalidate an "other vehicle" exclusion, did not prohibit an insurer from omitting a resident relative who owned an automobile from the definition of an insured. Miller, 549 P.2d at 12. The court reasoned that "the question presented revolves around the initial extension of coverage to defendants. The definition of who is and who is not an 'insured' under the policy is consistently applied throughout the insurance contract. For these reasons, Touchette is distinguishable and the public policies expressed therein are not violated." Id.