Hertog ex rel. S.A.H. v. City of Seattle

In Hertog ex rel. S.A.H. v. City of Seattle, 138 Wn.2d 265, 979 P.2d 400 (1999), the guardian ad litem for a six-year-old girl who was raped by a King County probationer, Barry Krantz, brought a claim against the County alleging negligent supervision. Hertog, 138 Wn.2d at 269. The Court allowed the claim, even though a court had refused to revoke Krantz's probation two months prior to the rape. Id. at 272. The Court held that the County probation officer had a continuing duty to supervise Krantz and under the facts of this case the chain of causation was not broken by the judge's decision. Id. at 284.