Jacques v. Sharp

In Jacques v. Sharp, 83 Wn. App. 532, 922 P.2d 145 (1996), the Court of Appeals examined RCW 26.50.110(1) in relation to RCW 26.50.060 in addressing the question whether a police officer had probable cause to arrest without a warrant a former husband for violating a provision of an agreed order for protection that restrained him "from entering the area known as 'Magnolia' in Seattle, Washington." In that case, the Court of Appeals concluded: (1) there was no probable cause to arrest the husband because the conduct did not refer to domestic violence, to respondent's spouse or to her children; (2) the geographic scope was too broad to constitute exclusion from the Magnolia residence. Jacques, 83 Wn. App. at 534 and 542-43.