LaHue v. Keystone Inv. Co

In LaHue v. Keystone Inv. Co., 6 Wn. App. 765, 496 P.2d 343 (1972) the widow of a stockholder was found to have standing to maintain a derivative stockholder's suit on the basis of her "one-half community interest in stock held in her husband's name prior to his death," and it did not matter whether the stock was "formally set aside to her in the course of probate of her husband's estate .... " LaHue, 6 Wn. App. at 776-77. LaHue indicates that not only did it not matter that the widow there was not a shareholder of record, but that her standing was not contingent upon the fact of her husband's death--for she was "not merely a legatee, but an owner of that one-half interest." LaHue, 6 Wn. App. at 777.