Lawrence v. City of Issaquah

In Lawrence v. City of Issaquah, 84 Wn.2d 146, 147, 524 P.2d 1347 (1974) appellant challenged the constitutionality of the one-year residence requirement under RCW 35A.12.030. Former RCW 35A.12.030 (1967) provided in part: "No person shall be eligible to hold elective office under the mayor-council plan unless he shall have been a registered voter and resident of the city for a period of at least one year next preceding his election." Id. at 149. The Court concluded the requirement did not violate the due process clause and equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, the fundamental constitutional right to travel and the First Amendment rights of political association and freedom of expression. Id. at 149-52. In upholding its constitutionality under the equal protection clause, the Court stated: We are satisfied . . . that the residential requirement of 1 year for the office of city councilman, as in the instant case, is not an unreasonable limitation to fulfill the compelling state interest of affording the candidate for that office the opportunity to be exposed to the needs and problems of the people of that city, and at the same time to afford the people of that city the opportunity to observe the candidate for city council and gain firsthand knowledge about his or her habits and character. Id. at 150-51.