Puget Sound Clean Air Agency v. State

In Puget Sound Clean Air Agency v. State, No. 00-2-02023-6 (filed Jan. 21, 2000), plaintiff Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (Clean Air Agency) is responsible under state and federal law for air quality regulation and management in the region comprised of King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Kitsap Counties. The Clean Air Agency sought a declaratory judgment that section 2 of I-695 does not prohibit the agency from recovering full reimbursement for certain operating permit program costs; that I-695 violates the single-subject rule of article II, section 19; that section 2 violates article II, section 1 and article II, section 22 (improper amendment of initiative and referendum procedures); that I-695 improperly repealed statutes in violation of article II, section 37; that I-695 violates article XXIII (amendment of constitution); that I-695 improperly restricts municipal taxing authority in violation of article XI, section 12; and also sought a declaration as to the application and effect of the voter approval requirement for any charges and fees subject to I-695.