State v. T.K

In State v. T.K., 94 Wn. App. 286, 971 P.2d 121, aff'd, 139 Wn.2d 320, 987 P.2d 63 (1999), a juvenile sex offender petitioned to have his record sealed under the former statute requiring courts to grant such motions. T.K. never served the Patrol despite the statutory provision that a person making a motion to vacate "shall give reasonable notice of the motion to . . . any person or agency whose files are sought to be sealed." RCW 13.50.050(13). Nevertheless, the court held that giving notice was not a precondition to the court's authority to grant the motion because the Patrol is not a party to the vacation proceedings and no statute required its joinder. T.K., 94 Wn. App. at 292.