Unigard Mutual Insurance Co. v. Argonaut Insurance Co

In Unigard Mutual Insurance Co. v. Argonaut Insurance Co., 20 Wn. App. 261, 579 P.2d 1015 (Wash. Ct. App. 1978), a boy intentionally set fire to trash in a wastebasket in a school building, and the school district sued his parents for negligence. The parents' policy excluded coverage for bodily injury or property damage "expected or intended from the standpoint of the insured." 579 P.2d at 1017. The court noted that, where the policy provision refers to the insured, as opposed to an insured, "the courts have uniformly considered the contract between the insurer and several insureds to be separable, rather than joint, i. e., there are separate contracts with each of the insureds. The result is that an excluded act of one insured does not bar coverage for additional insureds who have not engaged in the excluded conduct." Id. at 1019.