Washington Beauty College v. Huse

In Washington Beauty College v. Huse, 195 Wash. 160, 164-65, 80 P.2d 403 (1938), a hairdressing school challenged a Washington statute that required a person to obtain a high school education as a prerequisite to becoming a licensed hairdresser. The school claimed to have enrolled a number of students who would be unable to procure a high school education after completing the course. The school thus asserted that the statute unconstitutionally interfered with its right to contract with those students and with other prospective students. Affirming the trial court, this court concluded that "no showing had been made of any direct or substantial injury threatened or suffered by the beauty college so as to present a justiciable issue." Washington Beauty Coll., 195 Wash. at 165. The school's "interest was too remote to entitle it to invoke the declaratory judgments act." Id.