Bowers v. Wurzburg (1999)

In Bowers v. Wurzburg, 205 W. Va. 450, 519 S.E.2d 148 (1999), the Court discussed valid service of process as a prerequisite to the assumption of jurisdiction and explained that "service of process brings the defendant before the court, and personal jurisdiction contemplates whether the defendant is properly before the court so as to permit the tribunal to exercise jurisdiction over his/her person." Id. at 457 n. 5, 519 S.E.2d at 155 n. 5. The Bowers Court also explained that "'it is well settled that the issuance and service of process in the manner prescribed by law, unless waived, is essential to the jurisdiction of all courts. It is the fact of service which gives the court jurisdiction.'" Id. at 457 n. 5, 519 S.E.2d at 155 n. 5.