Harrison v. Davis

In Harrison v. Davis, 197 W.Va. 651, 478 S.E.2d 104 (1996), one of the issues was whether the circuit court erred by dismissing the appellant's spoliation claim. The Court discussed the tort of spoliation of evidence and stated: "The claim for spoliation of evidence is a novel issue in this State. Although we have decided two cases involving such a claim, we have yet to recognize spoliation of evidence as a valid cause of action. See State ex rel. State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. v. Madden, 192 W.Va. 155, 451 S.E.2d 721 (1994) (noting that plaintiff alleged spoliation of evidence in his amended complaint); Taylor v. Ford Motor Co., 185 W.Va. 518, 408 S.E.2d 270 (1991) (refusing to determine validity of cause of action for spoliation of evidence). We again decline to resolve the viability of such a cause of action because we find the circuit court properly dismissed the plaintiff's spoliation of evidence claim as untimely filed." (197 W.Va. at 664, 478 S.E.2d at 117.)