Kingmill Valley Public Serv. v. Riverview

In Kingmill Valley Public Serv. v. Riverview, 182 W.Va. 116, 386 S.E.2d 483 (1989), the Court addressed the question of whether the owner of a private sewer system who has been compelled to join the sewer lines of a public service district may claim that the disuse of its system constitutes a de facto taking and recover its value from the public service district. In Kingmill, the appellant mobile home park alleged that the forced abandonment of its privately owned sewage treatment facility constituted an unlawful taking of private property in violation of Article III, Section 9 of the Constitution of West Virginia and sought to recover from the public service district the value of its system which the parties stipulated to be worth $ 33,700.00. The Court concluded that the mandatory connection to the public service district's sewer system and the forced abandonment of the private system was not a taking and held in Syllabus Point 1 that "all citizens hold property subject to the proper exercise of the police power for the common good. Even where such an exercise results in substantial diminution of property values, an owner has no right to compensation therefor."