Page v. Columbia Natural Resources, Inc

In Page v. Columbia Natural Resources, Inc., 198 W. Va. 378, 480 S.E.2d 817 (1996) the Court analyzed public policy considerations involving the obligation to provide truthful testimony in a legal action. The Court found "sufficient statutory support for a substantial public policy against dismissing an employee for truthfully testifying in relation to a legal action." 198 W. Va. at 386, 480 S.E.2d at 825. The Court further explained: "We believe that this substantial public policy also meets the requirement of providing specific guidance to a reasonable person. Basic to the administration of justice is the search for the truth. Thus, a reasonable employer should be aware that any attempt to interfere with the process of obtaining truthful testimony, by either intimidating a potential witness/employee prior to his or her testimony or retaliating against such witnesses/employee thereafter, violates the clear and substantial public policy of this State." (Page, 198 W. Va. at 386-87, 480 S.E.2d at 825-26.)