State v. King

In State v. King, 205 W. Va. 422, 428, 518 S.E.2d 663, 669 (1999), the defendant in King received a sentence of life without mercy for the kidnapping conviction. 205 W. Va. at 424, 518 S.E.2d at 665. The Court reviewed punishments for similar crimes in both West Virginia and other jurisdictions and upheld an eighty-four year sentence for aggravated robbery. 205 W. Va. at 424, 518 S.E.2d at 665. The defendant had broken into the home of an elderly woman, threatened her and her family with a knife and a gun, then waved the gun and took at least one shot during a drive the defendant forced the woman's son-in-law to take. He also exposed the son-in-law to additional danger by refusing to surrender to police and using the victim as a shield. Id. at 428, 518 S.E.2d at 669.