Crawford County v. WERC

In Crawford County v. WERC, 177 Wis. 2d 66, 501 N.W.2d 836 (Ct. App. 1993), the union proposed subjecting deputies in the clerk of court's and register of deeds' offices to all terms and conditions of a collective bargaining agreement. The statutes, however, authorized the elected clerk of court and register of deeds to appoint and remove deputies. Consistent with Iowa County v. Iowa County Courthouse Soc. Servs. Employees, 166 Wis. 2d 614, 480 N.W.2d 499 (1992), the Court concluded that the county could not bargain away the statutory power of the clerk of court and register of deeds to appoint and discharge deputies. See Crawford County, 177 Wis. 2d at 78. The county could, however, bargain on subjects over which it had authority, such as pay and other conditions of employment. See id. In Crawford the Court recognized "the constitutional origins of the offices themselves, the statutory provisions authorizing their appointed deputies to carry out the functions of the offices in the event of vacancy or inability of the officeholder to serve, and by the various provisions of the Wisconsin Constitution and state statutes which, in distinction to local officers, give other state officials a role in their appointment, resignation and removal." Id. 2d at 77-78.