Hadley v. State

In Hadley v. State, 66 Wis. 2d 350, 225 N.W.2d 461 (1975), the Court recognized that "a reasonable request by counsel for time to prepare for trial cannot be interpreted as a willful delay of the trial or be used by the state to circumvent a defendant's constitutional right to a speedy trial." Hadley, 66 Wis. 2d at 359-60. In Hadley, the defendant had made at least three speedy trial demands, thereby invoking the time limitations imposed by Wis. Stat. 971.10. The court's discussion was in context of the State's attempts to argue that a reasonable two-month adjournment request by defense counsel "should be charged against the defendant and constitute a waiver, pro tanto, of the right to speedy trial." Hadley had thrice demanded his speedy trial right.