Mortensen v. Pyramid Savings & Loan Association of Milwaukee

In Mortensen v. Pyramid Savings & Loan Association of Milwaukee, 53 Wis. 2d 81, 191 N.W.2d 730, 731 (1971) the director of Milwaukee's Savings and Loan Commission denied Pyramid's application to open an office. Upon Pyramid's request for a review of that decision, however, the Savings and Loan Review Board reversed the director. The director then sought judicial review of the Board's reversal, but the circuit court denied. In affirming that dismissal, the Wisconsin Supreme Court stated that "an administrative officer is not a party for the purposes of seeking review of a reversal of his determination by a board of appeals." Id. The Court went on to note that '"an administrative officer who made an original decision which was appealed to a higher administrative authority was held to have no interest as a party which would entitle him to appeal from the overruling of his decision.'" Id.