Olsen v. Moore

In Olsen v. Moore, 56 Wis. 2d 340, 202 N.W.2d 236 (1972), the court was dealing with insurance coverage for passengers of two cars that were struck by the defendant Moore's car. See Olsen, 56 Wis. 2d at 342-43. The passengers argued that Moore's impact with the first automobile was a separate "occurrence" from Moore's impact with the second automobile for purposes of determining coverage under Moore's policy. See Olsen, 56 Wis. 2d at 345. The court had to look to the cause of the collisions to determine whether a single, uninterrupted cause resulted in a number of injuries. See id. at 349. The court concluded that because there was only one cause, there was only one accident. See id. at 350.