Pachucki v. Republic Ins. Co

In Pachucki v. Republic Ins. Co., 89 Wis. 2d 703, 278 N.W.2d 898 (Wis. 1979) defendants entered the room where Pachucki, a co-employee, was working and started a "greening pin war," an activity comparable to shooting paper clips with rubber bands. 278 N.W.2d at 899. On a previous occasion, one of the defendants suffered an injury and bled after being struck with a greening pin. 278 N.W.2d at 903. This particular "war" game began spontaneously, and was not the result of any provocation or animosity. 278 N.W.2d at 900. Defendants intended only to "sting" Pachucki. 278 N.W.2d at 903. Pachucki and defendants all fired greening pins during the game. 278 N.W.2d at 900. A greening pin struck Pachucki in the right eye, causing an injury to his cornea. 278 N.W.2d at 899. Defendants' policy excluded coverage for bodily injury "which is either expected or intended from the standpoint of the insured." 278 N.W.2d at 900. The court held the exclusion applied to bar coverage. 278 N.W.2d at 904.