Rollins Burdick Hunter of Wis., Inc. v. Hamilton

In Rollins Burdick Hunter of Wis., Inc. v. Hamilton, 101 Wis. 2d 460, 470, 304 N.W.2d 752 (1981), the supreme court determined only one issue: whether a territorial limitation of a restrictive covenant was required to be expressed in geographic terms as an "absolute prerequisite to a valid and enforceable agreement." See Hunter, 101 Wis. 2d at 467, 304 N.W.2d at 755. It concluded that a statement of a geographic territorial limit is not always essential to a valid covenant not to compete; therefore, some customer-based restrictions may be reasonable. See id. at 464, 304 N.W.2d at 754. However, because the record was insufficient to determine whether the covenant before it was reasonable, it remanded the matter for further proceedings. See id.