Sherry v. Salvo

In Sherry v. Salvo, 205 Wis. 2d 14, 26, 555 N.W.2d 402 (Ct. App. 1996), the Court summarized when a person is a patient under 51.61(1): Section 51.61(1), Stats., by its terms, defines "patient" in two contexts: (1) those persons admitted or committed to, or detained at, facilities engaged in providing treatment for mental illness or substance abuse; and (2) persons admitted to general hospitals for such treatment. Wisconsin Stat. 51.61(1) defines a "patient" as: Any individual who is receiving services for mental illness, developmental disabilities, alcoholism or drug dependency, including any individual who is admitted to a treatment facility in accordance with this chapter or ch. 48 or 55 or who is detained, committed or placed under this chapter or ch. 48, 55, 971, 975 or 980, or who is transferred to a treatment facility under s. 51.35 (3) or 51.37 or who is receiving care or treatment for those conditions through the department or a county department under s. 51.42 or 51.437 or in a private treatment facility. "Patient" does not include persons committed under ch. 975 who are transferred to or residing in any state prison listed under s. 302.01. In private hospitals and in public general hospitals, "patient" includes any individual who is admitted for the primary purpose of treatment of mental illness, developmental disability, alcoholism or drug abuse but does not include an individual who receives treatment in a hospital emergency room nor an individual who receives treatment on an outpatient basis at those hospitals, unless the individual is otherwise covered under this subsection.