State ex rel. Rickli v. County Court for Dane County

In State ex rel. Rickli v. County Court for Dane County, 21 Wis. 2d 89, 123 N.W.2d 908 (1963), the court recognized that the jurisdiction of juvenile court and family court overlapped. It reasoned that based upon the language of ch. 48, a juvenile court's jurisdiction was paramount, such that a family court could not make a finding contrary to a prior juvenile court disposition. See Rickli, 21 Wis. 2d at 95, 123 N.W.2d at 911. However, the court also noted that family court retained jurisdiction "to do anything which does not conflict with the orders and findings of the juvenile court." Id. at 97, 123 N.W.2d at 912. Therefore, under Rickli, another court does not lose jurisdiction, nor does its order become unenforceable, because it pertains to a matter which is also subject to the jurisdiction of juvenile court.