State v. Bollig (2000)

In State v. Bollig, 2000 WI 6, 232 Wis. 2d 561, 605 N.W.2d 199, the Court reviewed the legislative intent behind the sex offender registration law, noting that "the intent underlying the legislation related to community protection" and involved balancing "community protection with the offender's community re-integration needs." The court further noted the drafting notes' suggestion of "limited access to the sex offender registry, discouraging the use of mass media releases, distribution of door-to-door fliers, or any other method of notification that may be described as intrusive." Bollig, 2000 WI 6, at By enacting Wis. Stat. 301.46, the legislature provided limitations on access to sex offender registration information. The Bollig court recognized: "Although access is more liberal for law enforcement agencies, release of information to members of the general public requires compliance with enumerated conditions and is limited to when 'providing the information is necessary to protect the public.' Section 301.46 does not allow for the indiscriminate publication of a sex offender's vital information." (Bollig, 2000 WI 6.)