Bentzen v. H.N. Ranch, Inc

In Bentzen v. H.N. Ranch, Inc., 78 Wyo. 158, 320 P.2d 440 (Wyo. 1958), the Court stated the issue as follows: Accordingly, the principal question to be resolved is narrowed to a determination of whether or not there was in fact an enforceable contract. This will depend primarily upon the nature of the instrument signed and secondarily upon any conversations, dealings, and activities, between the parties which under the circumstances are admissible and can be said to have had a legal effect upon the "Agreement." (Bentzen, 320 P.2d at 441.) In affirming the decision of the trial court, the Court noted: "The parties conceded the well-recognized rule that the findings and judgment of the trial court will stand if there is any evidence to support them, and we think the rule is applicable here. The evidence of what was and was not said at the time the signatures were affixed, whether proper or not, went in without objection; and it seems clear that the trial court would have been justified in resolving at its discretion that the understanding between the parties was either (a) definite, or (b) fatally indefinite--depending upon the credence it might properly allocate to the conflicting testimony of different witnesses." (Id. at 444.)