Carney v. Board of County Comm'rs

In Carney v. Board of County Comm'rs, 757 P.2d 556, 559 (Wyo. 1988), the Court recognized that landowners have a right to a due process hearing before the board in a proceeding to establish a private road because of the property rights that are involved. In that case, the Board accepted the viewers and appraisers' amended report and ordered the applicant to survey and prepare a plat of the designated road. Carney, 757 P.2d at 558. The plat of the road was completed in February of 1986, and it was presented to the Board at its meeting on July 1, 1986. Id. Upon determining that the applicant had paid the required costs and damages and that the plat had been completed as ordered, the Board declared the Carney route to be a private road and ordered that the plat be filed with the county clerk. Id. The Court approved of this practice without comment.