Crockett v. Lowther

In Crockett v. Lowther, 549 P.2d 303 (Wyo. 1976), the district court found that the appellant had failed to exercise the option within the time required by the contract. Crockett was not determined on the basis of an indefinite or unenforceable contract. The Court stated: "All the material features of a contract appear to be present. It is not necessary for us to make a precise decision as to whether or not the option constituted an enforceable contract. It appears that it does have those characteristics which would have made it enforceable upon acceptance by the plaintiffs, which they never did." (Crockett, 549 P.2d at 311.) The Court went on to state: "The plaintiffs' failure to sign and their conduct tend to support the conclusion that the plaintiffs did not intend to be bound by a contract. It is reasonable to believe that plaintiffs had no intention of asserting any rights under the contract until it became financially advantageous for them to do so." (Id. at 312.)