Damato v. State

In Damato v. State, 2003 WY 13, 64 P.3d 700, 702 (Wyo. 2003), an officer stopped Damato for exceeding the posted speed limit by seven miles per hour. During the stop, the officer became suspicious of Damato for a number of reasons. Id. After questioning Damato, the officer released him without issuing a speeding citation. Id. The officer radioed dispatch and informed other officers of his suspicions, requesting they look for the vehicle. Id. at 702-03. A second officer received the call and proceeded to look for Damato's vehicle. Id. at 703. He located the vehicle, turned around, and followed the vehicle looking for probable cause to initiate a stop. Id. The officer stopped Damato for traveling two miles per hour over the seventy-five mile per hour posted speed limit. Id. The court noted that although it was concerned about this "tag-team" approach to stopping vehicles, the stop was valid because the officer had observed a traffic violation. Id. at 705-06.