Extended Benefits Claim Wyoming

Claims for extended benefits under the Wyoming Workers' Compensation Act controlled by the laws in effect at the time the claimant was determined to be totally disabled. Ottema v. State ex Rel. Wyoming Worker's Safety and Compensation Div., 968 P.2d 41, 44-45 (Wyo. 1998). General Chemical argues that this Court has interpreted the statute as setting "a subsistence level" of income only as the legal standard for awarding extended benefits in Ottema and Duncan v. Laramie County Community College, 768 P.2d 593, 595 (Wyo. 1989). It further contends that government figures should establish the subsistence level for a single person with no dependents and, in 1998, that level was $ 8,050.00 per year. The interpretation and correct application of the provisions of the Wyoming Workers' Compensation Act is a question of law over which our review authority is plenary. Conclusions of law made by an administrative agency are affirmed only if they are in accord with the law. We do not afford any deference to the agency's determination, and we will correct any error made by the agency in either interpreting or applying the law. Wright v. State ex rel. Wyoming Workers' Safety and Compensation Division, 952 P.2d 209, 211 (Wyo. 1998).