Fales v. State

In Fales v. State, 908 P.2d 404, 412 (Wyo. 1995), Ms. Fales was ordered to pay $ 11,532.04 in restitution for damages sustained when one of her cohorts stole a van. Ms. Fales took a ride in the van; however, she was not charged with any crime linked to the van, nor did she admit having anything to do with its theft or destruction. 908 P.2d at 412. Instead, Ms. Fales was charged with accessory before the fact to burglary and of burglary for her involvement in a crime spree at the local junior high school and the high school. Id. at 407. The Court determined the prerequisite of a sufficient relationship between Ms. Fales' criminal activity and the damage to the van did not exist and, therefore, the restitution order was improper. Id. at 413.