Haltom v. Haltom

In Haltom v. Haltom, 755 P.2d 876, 879 (Wyo. 1988), the parties had been "granted a dissolution of marriage, and a stipulated judgment was entered" by a California court, which judgment "incorporated by reference the parties' marital and property settlement agreement." Haltom, 755 P.2d at 877. The husband subsequently registered the California judgment in Wyoming. Each party then asked a Wyoming district court to enforce the California judgment against the other party, particularly with respect to ordering the transfer of money and other personal property. Id. The district court resolved the issues presented by the parties and awarded the wife $ 1,502 in attorney's fees and costs, as well as accruing attorney's fees. Id. at 877-78. On appeal, the Court reversed the district court's decision to the extent that it improperly modified the California judgment, found that the husband was estopped from claiming an interest in some property because he had not complied with the California judgment, and upheld the award of attorney's fees and costs to the wife pursuant to Wyo. Stat. Ann. 20-2-111. Id. at 878-79.