Hoffman v. Hoffman

In Hoffman v. Hoffman, 91 P. 3d 922 (Wyo. 2004), the wife testified that she did not think the husband should be responsible for all the parties' business debts. The district court, nevertheless, allocated those debts to husband. On appeal, the husband challenged the allocation of corporate debt to him claiming that "because Wife must be considered a reasonable person, and she didn't think it was fair, it must meet our standard for abuse of discretion that no reasonable person could abide by the result." In affirming the district court's decision the Court stated: "It is the trial court that decides the equitable distribution of property. The trial court hears all the evidence, judges the credibility of the witnesses on all issues, and makes its determination regarding property distribution of all marital property after considering the statutory factors. Wife's isolated comment is but one piece of the puzzle and is not definitive for any purpose." Id.